Polarized Sunglasses for Women by Eye Love


w/UV Protection & Designer Style


  • POLARIZED LENSES THAT ELIMINATE GLARE → Lenses eliminate glare that makes it difficult to see. Great for driving, sports, shopping adventures, time at the beach, and any other activity you’ll use them for!
  • 100% UVA AND UVB BLOCKING FOR SUPERIOR EYE PROTECTION AND WRINKLE PREVENTION → Blocks the harmful sun’s rays from damaging your eyes which can cause deep wrinkles, cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer in and around the eye.
  • DURABLE FRAME BUILT TO LAST → Durability to prevent breakage and proven to protect your eyes.
  • INCLUDES EYE HEALTH E-BOOK, A HARD SLIDER CASE, SOFT MICROFIBER CASE, AND SCREWDRIVER → Easy storage with the large slider case. Need something smaller? Use the soft case for that. Screwdriver allows you to tighten those screws to keep them feeling brand new.



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