Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensil set – 8 Natural Acacia Wooden Silicone Utensils

Your Home Hero Cooking Tool Set Includes:
– Solid Serving Spoon
– Slotted Spoon
– Soup Ladle
– Solid Kitchen Turner
– Slotted Turner
– Round Silicone Spatula
– Baking Spatula


Homehero Silicone cooking utinsels with acacia wooden handles

The Gourmet Chef’s Choice that Does Not Disappoint
THE RIGHT KITCHEN SET MEANS no bendy, too soft silicone that isn’t sturdy enough to turn your omelettes, no cheap heads that rip or break off of the handle. And for goodness sake, no mystery odors coming from the kitchen gadget making you fear using them on your family’s food!

OUR KITCHEN UTENSILS KIT IS DESIGNED WITH sturdy, top-grade silicone heads that are firmly bound to their natural hardwood acacia handles to keep you cooking for years. Our non-toxic, BPA free, FDA approved kitchen cooking utensils set always LOOKS, FEELS AND SMELLS JUST YOU EXPECT IT TO.

Stylish & Sophisticated Look, Quality Materials
YOUR KITCHEN WILL FEEL GOURMET when you’re cooking with this sleek, refined kitchen accessories set. You’re way beyond those standard black, plastic first apartment sets! The soft curves of the acacia wood and the chic grey silicone look gorgeous and are made from only the highest antibacterial quality hardwood acacia that can last up to 40 years. The non-toxic silicone heads withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F/- 30°C to 392°F/200°C and the easy-to- grip, comfortable handles and balanced weight make a nimble job of all your kitchen mixing and flipping.

Protect Your Kitchenware
AVOID UNAPPEALING AND DAMAGING SCRATCHES to your cookware with the gentle, non-stick silicone on each of our kitchen utensils. Save your money, pots, pans and your good mood in the kitchen!
NO MORE MELTING, BURNING CHEAP PLASTIC KITCHEN TOOLS! You’ve graduated to the premium quality sophistication of Home Hero. No more mutilated cooking turner spatula oozing plastic into your meals.

choices swinging from cheap & flimsy to too expensive to be sane, we wanted to create the feeling of being a pampered chef without the price tag. Your Home Hero kitchen tool set helps satisfy your palate for years to come.


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